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About the travel writing of Erik Gauger.  Image is of a green anole in the Bahamas. Roam Travel Journal.  Image is of a Blue Dacnis in Panama. Guana Cay Reef Blog.  Image is of a Tiger Grouper.
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Moleskine travel sketches, handpainted maps, travel illustrations, and lessons on travel organization.
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Should big golf developments be built next to coral reefs? The Guana Cay Reef blog explores the subject in detail.
Guana Cay
  Bahamian Dry Forest.  Atala Butterfly  

West Indies | November 20, 2013
Bahamian Dry Forest Journal
I spent my mornings in the Bahamian dry forest areas north of Treasure Cay, and was surprised by the richness of the landscape and wildlife there. I spent several mornings photographing and sketching this area, and have included both in the posts below.

Bahamian Dry Forest

  The Abyss  

Pacific Northwest | September 28, 2013
Xantu's Abyss
What is it like to travel by fishing boat out to the Abyss? With a group of pelagic birders and a grumpy sea captain, I head out in pursuit of a rare treasure.

The Abyss

  Wisdom of the Sun  

The Dry World | June 6, 2013
The Sun Offers No Wisdom
On a still afternoon in the baking sun on a street in Marrakech, the smell of an old city comes alive - dust and charcoal, stale food, incense, motor oil, damp stone.

Bahia Palace

  The Blue Boats of Essaouria  

The Dry World | April 10, 2013
The Essaouira Murex
If in Marrakech, the people find inspiration for their color palette in the sandstone hues of the desert and mountains, then in Essaouira, it is the sky and ocean, for Essaouira is a city of whitewashed walls and blue-painted shutters.

Essaouira, Morocco

  Thunder on the Zumwalt Prairie  

Guana Cay | April 2, 2013
Coral Reef Decline at Bakers Bay

Acclaimed coral scientist Tom Goreau spoke in Nassau about coral reef decline at Baker's Bay Club as a result of excessive fertilizer run-off.

Guana Cay

  Marrakech, Morocco  

Dry World | March 6, 2013
The Marrakech Orangerie
Why do we travel? In these notes from Marrakech, Morocco, I offer a different view of the pleasures and purposes of travel as I pursue the color and taste orange.

Marrakech, Morocco

  Hanalei Valley  

Oceania | January 03, 2013
Roundup, Reefs, Runoff and the Hanalei Valley
After a long morning and the whole family winding down, I had slipped out of the house with my five-year old son, promising an ‘adventure drive,’ which is secret code for rolling down the windows and pretending any number of fantastical beasts are hot on our heels.

Hanalei Valley


The Notes from the Road Travelogue

Imagine that you're careening through the city on an old bus, and you find a notebook wedged in the corner of the seat. Open it up. Dusty sketches of swampy backwaters, photographs of foreign lands, illustrations of exotic foods. No destination reviews, no top 10 lists and no industry guest posts. It appears to be written merely for the joy of curious explorers and travelers.

This was the reason I set out to create Notes from the Road in 1999.If you enjoy reading about travel, dive in: Notes from the Road rewards readers who enjoy digging deep and exploring even while surfing the web.

Travel Photography. I travel with a large format 4x5 camera and a digital Canon setup.


Mushrooms in the Amazon

Travel Sketches, Illustrations and Moleskine Notes. Drawings tell something about travel that photographs and text can't: they open the reader to the mood and focus of the traveler. The updates below feature some of my latest Moleskine journals and travel illustrations.

  Paris, France Sketch  

Gaul | Updated September 23, 2013
Paris Sketches
Notes, drawings, sketches and illustrations in different mediums from Paris.

Paris Sketches

  Sketches of Morocco  

The Dry World | February 20, 2013
Morocco Sketches and Illustrations
My moleskine journal from Marrakech, as well as sketches and illustrations of Moroccan food, architecture and more.

Morocco Sketch Journal


Desert Mexico | August 7, 2012
Isla Espiritu Santo Journal

I am on a skiff flying through the Sea of Cortez from the capital of Baja Sur, La Paz. Destination is Isla Espiritu Santo.

Isla Espiritu Santo

  Sketches from Oregon and Portland  

Oregon Sketch Journal
Pacific Northwest | July 18, 2012
Sketching affords us a very different perspective than the modern digital pocket camera. Like large format photography, it demands you spend time with the place you visit.

Odell, Oregon



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