Amphibian Life List

This is my list of all the amphibians I have seen and identified in my life. I also keep a life list of reptiles.

Amphibian List


Amazonian Climbing Salamander

California Newt

Canyon Treefrog

Convict Treefrog

Cricket Frog

Cuban Tree Frog

Curly-tail Lizard

Dunn's Salamander

Dusky Gopher Frog

Ecuadorian Poison Frog


Gray Tree Frog

Jungle Frog

Leaf-Litter Toad

Lowland Leapard Frog

Masked Frog

Northern Leapard Frog

Northern Red-legged Frog

Northern Red Salamander

Pacific Treefrog

Pale-striped Poison Frog

Panama Cross-banded Tree FrogPanama Cross-banded Tree Frog

Plain-colored Treefrog

Rainforest Rocket Frog

Red-eared Slider

Red-eyed Leaf Frog

Rough-Skinned Newt

Southern Leapoard Frog

Strawberry Poison Frog

Strawberry Frog Sketch

Three-striped Poison Frog

Western Red-backed Salamander

Woodland Salamander

Unidentified FrogYellow Frog in Panama