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Butterfly Life List

A photographic list of butterflies I have identified or
photographed in my travels.

Butterflies are amazing creatures once you get a chance to look at them up close. Like everybody else, I've lived most of my life not paying much attention to them.

When my son was transitioning from baby to toddler and I started pointing things out to him, I started to notice things I hadn't noticed much since I was...two? Now my toddler enjoys sitting in the yard with me, looking at bugs. This section attempts to identify and catalogue butterflies into a cohesive butterfly list I have seen while traveling for Notes from the Road.

Butterflies are mentioned in many of articles, especially in The Blue Butterfly at the End of the Loneliest Road and in several articles in the Neotropics section.

Creon Skipper, Lilliana subspecies (Panama)

Creon Skipper Butterfly, Lilliana subspecies

Scarlet Peacock, Ecuador (Yasuni NP)

Scarlet Peacock Butterfly, Ecuador

Ithomiidae Chiapas Glasswing Butterfly (Panama)

Ithomiidae Chiapas Glasswing Butterfly

Banded Peacock (Panama)

Banded Peacock Butterfly

Pink Glasswing, Ecuador (Yasuni NP)

Pink Glasswing Butterfly from Yasuni National Park, Ecuador.

Nereina White, Ecuador

Nereina White Butterfly

Gulf Fritillary (Bahamas)

Gulf Fritillary

Atala Butterfly

Atala Butterfly resting on a leaf in the Abaco Islands of the Bahamas.

California Sister

California Sister Butterfly

Common Ringlet

Isabella's Heliconian

Isabella's Heliconian

Photographed in Soberania National Park.

Tracta Sister (Nicaragua)

Tracta Sister Butterfly

Holly Blue Butterfly

Holly Blue Butterfly in Sicily, Italy

Erato Heliconian

Erato Heliconian Butterfly

Menelaus Blue Morpho (Panama)

Menelaus Blue Morpho Butterfly

Sonoran Metalmark

Sonoran Metalmark

Cloudless Sulphur (Panama)

Cloudless Sulphur Butterfly

Heliconius Sapho (Panama)

Heliconius Sapho Butterfly

Elf (Nicaragua)

Elf Butterfly in Nicaragua

Mexican Bluewing (Nicaragua)

Mexican Bluewing

Woodland Skipper

Woodland Skipper

Oileus Giant Owl (Panama)

Oileus Giant Owl

Unidentified (Oregon in May)

Butterfly from Oregon

Unidentified Skipper, Panama

Panama Skipper Butterfly

Nelson's Hairstreak, Portland, Oregon

Nelson's Hairstreak Butterfly, Portland, Oregon

Eastern-tailed Blue, Bahamas

Eastern-tailed Blue Butterfly, Bahamas

Costa-Spotted Mimic White (Panama)

Costa-Spotted Mimic White Butterfly

Palatka Skipper? (Bahamas)

Patatka Skipper Butterfly in the Bahamas

Great Southern White, Bahamas

Great Southern White Butterfly, Bahamas

Mourning Cloak, Oregon

Mourning Cloak Butterfly

Unidentified Satyr, Caribbean Panama

Satyr from Panama

Three Banded Crescent (Panama)

Three Banded Crescent

Claudina Crescent (Panama)

Claudina Crescent

Unidentified Satyr (Panama)

Satyr Butterfly from Panama

Unidentified Butterfly (Panama)

Skipper Butterfly from Panama

Blue-patched Eyed-Metalmark (Panama)

Blue-patched Eyed-Metalmark

Two-Barred Flasher (Panama)

Two-Barred Flasher Butterfly

Smooth-Banded Sister (Panama)

Smooth-Banded Sister Butterfly

Lagora Eyemark (Panama)

Lagora Eyemark Butterfly

Hyalina Metalmark (Panama)

Hyalina Metalmark Butterfly

Elegant Flat Spreadwing (Panama)

Elegant Flat Spreadwing

Thoas Swallowtail (Panama)

Thoas Swallowtail


Orange-patched Crescent (Panama)

Orange-patched Crescent

Yellow-veined Skipper (Panama)

Yellow-veined Skipper

Crathis Tigerwing (Olyras Crathis), Panama

Woodland Skipper

Red Admiral (Austria, Oregon)

Red Admiral

Hammock Skipper (Bahamas)

Hammock Skipper

White Peacock (Bahamas)

White Peacock

Desert Orangetip (California)

Variegated Fritillary (Bahamas) - unsure

Variegated Fritillary

Cuban Crescent (Bahamas)

Cuban Crescent

Western Pygmy Blue (California)

Western Pygmy Blue

Unidentified Butterfly (Panama)

Woodland Skipper

California Tortoiseshell

California Tortoiseshell Butterfly

Western Tiger Swallowtail (Oregon)

Square-spotted Blue (Mt Hood)

Square-spotted Blue

Silvery Blue (Mt Hood)

Silvery Blue Butterfly

Western White (Mt Hood)

Western White Butterfly

Lorquin's Admiral (Oregon)

Lorquin's Admiral Butterfly

Acmon Blue

Acmon Blue

Pearl Crescent

Pearl Crescent

Leanira Checkerspot

Leanire Checkerspot

Milbert's Tortoiseshell

Milberts Tortoiseshell

Blue Copper

Blue Copper Butterfly

Hoffman's Checkerspot

Hoffman's Checkerspot

Mylitta Crescent

Mylitta Crescent

Unidentified Long Tailed Skipper (Panama)

Woodland Skipper

Unidentified Butterfly, Ecuador (Yasuna NP)

Butterfly from Yasuna National Park, Ecuador

Unidentified Butterfly, Ecuador

Butterfly from Ecuador

Unidentified Skipper (Panama)

Butterfly - Skipper from Panama

Unidentified Butterfly, Panama

Panama Butterfly

Unidentified Skipper (Ecuador)

Skipper from the Andes of Ecuador

Malachite Butterfly, Ecuador (Yasuna NP)

Malachite Butterfly

Hewitson's Sabre-wing, Ecuador (Yasuna NP)

Hewitson's Sabre-wing Butterfly

Catonephele acontius (?), Ecuador (Yasuna NP)

Catonephele acontius Butterfly

Unidentified Butterfly, Ecuador (Yasuna NP)

Ecuador Butterfly

Unidentified Butterfly, Ecuadorian Andes

Ecuadorian Andes Butterfly

Painted Lady

Painted Lady Butterfly

Cabbage White

Cabbage White Butterfly

Unidentified Butterfly, Ecuadorian Andes

Ecuadorian Andes Butterfly

Unidentified Butterfly, Ecuadorian Andes

Butterfly from the Ecuadorian Andes Region

Carolina Satyr

Carolina Satyr

Unidentified Butterfly, Ecuadorian Andes

Butterfly from the Andes