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The Great Basin, photographed by Erik Gauger

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Desert Mexico

There is no place on Earth like the dry, dusty deserts of Mexico. On the borderlands with the United States lies a unique geography, a surreal landscape, and a dangerous backcountry plagued by drug violence. Each Desert in Mexico - the Chihuahan Desert, the Lower Colorado River Valley desert, the Gran Desierto de Altar and the Sonoran - are unique in their own right.

  Pinacate Desert, Mexico  

Desert Mexico | May
Sierra del Pinacate Range

"It is North America's last frontier, a barren, hundred-mile stretch of blackness and inhospitability. It is The Pinacate, named after its primary inhabitant; a rather insignificant beetle which stands on its head and lets out a rather putrid odor..."

Sierra del Pinacate

  Baja California Norte  

Desert Mexico | April
Desert Roads of Baja California Norte

Under our feet was a giant hole in the earth. The sea had cut an underground cave and settled here: a stretch of beach underneath the earth. Four seals were in the water. One had no head. Sharks.

Baja California Norte

    Desert Mexico | June
Bahia Coyote and Baja California Sur

"I like the idea of being where I am now, in a place where roosters are crooning about, and people are selling used hack-saws and post-hole diggers and air-compressors. Actually, I am beneath that place, at the bank of the clammy-green Rio Mulegé.

Baja California Sur
  Trawler   Desert Mexico | August 7, 2012
Isla Espiritu Santo Journal

I am on a skiff flying through the Sea of Cortez from the capital of Baja Sur, La Paz. Destination is Isla Espiritu Santo.

Isla Espiritu Santo

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