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December 1, 2012 | Moleskine

Kauai Moleskine Journal

My Moleskine journal from Kauai, Hawaii. I used a large-sized Moleskine while traveling on the island of Kauai. I also swapped out my usual watercolor palette for a single ink: nut brown ink by Winsor-Newton. The nut brown ink comes in a small glass container, which fit nicely in a small pouch for pens and brushes. I experimented with gouache, watercolors and markers as well, but after I returned.

Hawaii Moleskine

U'au Bird, Hawaii

Tenor Uke

Hawaiian Journal

Hawaii Moleskine Journal

Zebra Dove and other Birds, Kauai Moleskine

Red Footy Booby Drawing, Sketch of Red Footed Booby

Hawaiian Stilt Sketch

Japanese White-eye Drawing

Waimea Retail


Leach's Storm Petrel and other sketeches from Kauai

Fishes of Kauai


Kauai Illustrations



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