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Instead of carrying around dozens of heavy guidebooks when I travel, I condense useful information into a small size Moleskine travel journal. I use Moleskine journals to organize all my travel plans, make all my notes, record my conversations, make notes on animal plants, and sketch people and street scenes.

Moleskine Travel Journal
San Isidro, Ecuador

Moleskine Travel Journal

Moleskine Travel Journal
Great Guana Cay

Moleskine Travel Journal
Dominican Republic

Moleskine Travel Journal
Abaco Islands

Moleskine Travel Journal

Moleskine Travel Journal
St. Lucia

Mt. Hood Moleskine Notes
Mt. Hood, Oregon
Moleskine Travel Journal
El Valle de Anton
Moleskine Travel Journal
Ecuadorian Amazon
Kauai Moleskine Journal
Kauai, Hawaii
Morocco Sketchbook
Diabat, Morocco
Moleskine Travel Journal      
Paris, France      
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