Venetian Adriatic

Slubberdegullions of the
Santa Marta Mountains

A defense of colorful language as we ascend the Santa Marta Mountains in Northern Colombia.


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An Independent Travelogue

Since 1999, Notes from the Road has provided a unique and experimental voice on travel, inviting readers to join in the journey and see the world through a new lens.

An Independent Travelogue - Notes from the Road

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Photos of the Doors and Windows of the World

Doors And Windows Of The World

Discover the World's Most Beautiful Doors and Windows, showcasing breathtaking photographs of the most vibrant and unique doors and windows from around the world.


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Photograph of an Anna's Hummingbird

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- Craig Federighi, Senior Vice President of Software Engineering, at the 2017 Apple Keynote Address.

Apple featured Notes from the Road to introduce the Apple iPhone X, another example of how we have been innovating the look and feel of the future of the web here at our little travel blog.

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I don't give travel advice but sharing our experiences can help us learn from each other. Here are some of my latest travel stories on organization.

Roam Travelogue

Photograph of many Cacti species in Arizona

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Washington Post

About Erik Gauger

Learn about me in the 'About' section, where I talk about the history of Notes from the Road as an experimental travelogue. Check out my list of great road trip music by Grateful Dead and Phish. I also keep a bird life list, as well as lifelists for butterflies, damselflies and dragonflies, reptiles and amphibians.

Erik Gauger: author of Notes from the Road
  • Patrick Moore Book

    Patrick Moore Book Debunked

    Notes from the Road is publishing chapter-by-chapter rebuttals to anti-climate change skeptic's self-published book.
  • Bruce Haedrich EV Article

    Bruce Haedrich EV Battery Article Fails on Facts and Logic

    Notes from the Road walks through the indefensible EV battery, wind power and solar power claims made by MAGA sci-fi author Bruce Haedrich.
  • Packing a Packraft

    Packing a Packraft

    How to pack a packraft, paddle and large tripod aboard an airplane in order to create the ability to photograph in amphibious environments.
  • Open Letter to Katie Tubb

    Open Letter to Katie Tubb on Climate Change

    In an open letter to Heritage Foundation climate change denial author Katie Tubb, Notes from the Road walks through her argument, and uses a walled city siege to illustrate the weaknesses of her arguments.
  • Airbnb Nightmare

    Airbnb Nightmare

    What should we do when we run into problems with our Airbnb host? My crazy story about one Airbnb rental gone bad.
  • Canon RF Lens

    Picking the Right Canon RF Lenses

    In this travel gear article, I look at Canon's new line-up of lenses and ask, which are the best lenses for different types of photographers?

"Stands out for Hard Journalism"

Lowell Thomas Awards in 2012

Cacti of the United States

Cacti of the United States

Explore my comprehensive guide to the cactuses of the United States. Hand-drawn sketches of every species found with U.S. borders, including those of the islands and territories.


"Best of the Travel Blogs"

National Geographic Traveller

Travel Sketches & Maps

I illustrate my travel blog with sketches using markers, watercolors, pens, and pencils. Sketches and journals can capture a place's essence better than photos, offering a personal, subjective illustration through the traveler's mood and perspective.

Hand-drawn Sketches and Maps

"Drop dead gorgeous, thanks to Gauger's prowess with his old school 4×5"

Rolf Potts,

Ancient Improvisation in Paros

Ancient Improvisation in Paros

On the Greek Island of Paros, I explore whether a musical improvisation master could have built up a following in the ancient Mediterranean.


"Do you like gorgeous photography and unconventional travel writing?"

Tikehau in the Tuamotus

On the small French Polynesian atoll of Tikehau, I discover a ringworld of life.

Tikehau in the Tuamotus

Photograph of Mount Hood from the Columbia Hills in Washington