Amphibian Life List

This is my list of all the amphibians I have seen and identified in my life. My latest find is Coastal Giant Salamander.

There are over 7,000 amphibians - frogs, toads, salamanders and newts - around the world. But unlike mammals or birds, Identifying amphibians comes slowly and often requires patience. Amphibians are dear to me and I often write about them in my notes.

I often draw sketches of some of my finds and hope to continuing doing so into the future. I also keep a life list of reptiles.

Amphibian List


Amazonian Climbing Salamander

California Newt

Canyon Treefrog

Coastal Giant Salamander

Coastal Giant Salamander

Convict Treefrog

Cricket Frog

Cuban Tree Frog

Dunn's Salamander

Dusky Gopher Frog

Ecuadorian Poison Frog


Gray Tree Frog

Jungle Frog

Leaf-Litter Toad

Lowland Leapard Frog

Map Tree Frog

Masked Frog

Northern Leapard Frog

Northern Red-legged Frog

Northern Red Salamander

Northwestern Salamander

Pacific Treefrog

Pacific Treefrog

Panama Cross-banded Tree FrogPanama Cross-banded Tree Frog

Pale-striped Poison Frog

Plain-colored Treefrog

Rainforest Rocket Frog

Red-eared Slider

Red-eyed Leaf Frog

Rough-Skinned Newt

People who have lived in Oregon much longer than I have told me of the eerie disappearance of these amphibians over the past 50 years. The refrain is that they have vivid recollections of Rough-skinned Newts everywhere in the spring season. This newt is also one of the most toxic in North America, its toxin being similar to that of the Pufferfish.

Southern Leapoard Frog

Strawberry Poison Frog

I write about the Strawberry Poison Frog in my notes on Salt Creek, Isla Bastimentos, Panama.

Strawberry Frog Sketch

Three-striped Poison Frog

Western Red-backed Salamander

Woodland Salamander

Unidentified FrogYellow Frog in Panama