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I write Notes from the Road because I love to write and share thoughts with my fellow travelers. Please send me a note and let me know about your travels and your travel projects.

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Here are some frequently asked questions. Before posting travel industry inquiries, please read these FAQs carefully.

Do You Accept Guest Posts?

There are no guest posts on this site, and there never will be. Notes from the Road has a strict policy against all guest posts.

Do You Want to Learn about my Travel App?

Notes from the Road does not review any travel products or services, whatsoever.

But I'll Let You Stay at My Hotel for Free!

Independent travel journalists should never accept freebies. I have written for Notes from the Road since 1999, and never once have I accepted gifts from the travel industry. If my readers are to trust me, it's important that my voice is not influenced by an industry keen to influence travel readers.

I Want to Tell you about My Travels!

OMG, Please do. I write this site to meet people like you.

I Want to tell you about my non-commercial Travel Blog!

Yup, I want to read it. Please do!

I Want to Travel a Lot too, but Reality!?

Yup, there is no magic super sauce to the question of how to travel more. I love to talk about travel plans and eeking out more ways to spend time on the road, even when we have a full schedule. Shoot me your ideas.

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