• Bahamas Dry Forest

    Bahamian Dry Forest Journal

    Notes, maps and sketches of the Bahamian coppice forests particular to the northern islands.
  • Green Turtle Cay, Bahamas

    Wreckers, Pineapples and Pirates

    Notes on the history of the lovely Bahamian island of Green Turtle Cay - pirates included.
  • Sandy Point, Bahamas

    Little Abaco to Sandy Point

    Notes from my travels throughout the interior of the Abaco Islands, including the back roads of Great Abaco and Little Abaco.
  • Wings to the Storm

    Wings to the Storm

    It's a small but well-stocked resort grocery which hasn't changed a lick since I first came here at the age of five. Even the grocery items don't change much ' Ritz Crackers, little cellophane wrapped pork cuts with green jelly mints, Goombay Punch, Conchy Joe's Hot Sauce, and Bay Rum in plastic bottles.
  • Eyes of the West Indies - Examining Bakers Bay

    Eyes of the West Indies

    I am on a boat, tied to a dock in a bay on the tiny island of Great Guana Cay in the Northern Bahamas. Troy Albury is untying lines and points out a Caribbean reef squid taking shelter under the dock...
  • St. Lucia

    St. Lucia and the Botanical History of the Antilles

    Can you tell the history of a place by its plants? St. Lucia's agricultural and natural botanical history helps explain an amazing history of the Caribbean.

Coral Reefs and Development

Case Study

In a refutation of a case study about the Bakers Bay golf course, I offer readers an up-to-date view on the issue of protecting coral reefs against large-scale developments in the Bahamas and the West Indies.
Read the Case Study Takedown

The Guana Cay Blog

In the Guana Cay Blog, I document the latest in the fight to save an internationally significant coral reef and mangrove ecosystem from Bakers Bay Club.
Read the Guana Cay Blog here

Eyes of the West Indies

In Eyes of the West Indies, I look at the desperate fight by Bahamian locals to save their island, and the impact their case has made across the West Indies.
Read about Save Guana Cay Reef here

  • The Big Red Boat

    Plastic Pirate Ships

    Disney on Great Guana Cay. The dolphins stayed, a man was hired to feed them. Beaten by the sun, bruised, first spit on by small kids with bags of Cheetos that would end up in the sea and float to Cuba.
  • Elbow Cay, Bahamas

    Hopetown and the History of Island Settlement

    The castaway does not intend his fate, I wrote in my journal, and in most cases, his predicament ends in death. For the settler, however, there is a choice, and the choice necessitates a variety of skills and plans set up beforehand to cope with and then prosper in the islands. What skill-set is required to prosper in a place like this, with poor soil and blistering sun?
  • Dominican Republic

    Dominican Republic Sketch Journal

    But the longer we drive, the quicker my desire to look for a hispaniolan parrot gives way to pure, mad concentration. The Dominicans are driving on their mopeds and tiny little cars as if this is the last day of their lives.
  • Chub Rock Wreck in the Abacos

    Chub Rock Wreck

    I remembered the old days - the eight foot green moray - and the day Eddie and Cathy and I plunged off the Sea Queen near Chub Rock and visited the old sunken steamer to snap some shots for a dive shop promotion.