Seashore Creatures Life List
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Seashore Creatures Life List

This is my slowly growing list of seashore creatures. This is a list of any animal I find on the shore, in tidepools, while diving or snorkeling, which isn't a fish, a mammal, a bird or a reptile.

Giant Clam
Queen Conch
Pacific Crawfish

Caribbean Spiny Lobster

Spiny Lobster

Smooth Brain Coral

brain coral

Meandrine Brain Coral
Loggerhead Sponge
Vase Sponge
Tube Sponge
Fire Coral
Elkhorn Coral
Lettuce Coral
Staghorn Coral
Eunicia Sea Rod
Sea Plume
Sea Fan
Spiral Gilled Tube Worm
Green Fire Worm
Leaf Barnacle
Northern Rock Barnacle
Little Striped Barnacle
Thatched Barnacle
Volcano Barnacle
Tiger Lucine
California Nuttal's Chiton
Rough Grilled Chiton
Volcano Limpet
Owl Limpet
Black Horn Snail
Moon Jellyfish
Upside-down Jellyfish
Purple Jellyfish
Portuguese Man-O-War
By-the-Wind Sailors
Pacific Sea Nettle
Purple Sea Urchin
Long-spined Urchin
West Indian Sea Biscuit
Eccentric Sand Dollar
Six-hole Urchin
Cushion Star
Sunflower Star

Armored Sea Star

Armored Sea Star

Western Sea Roach

Sea Lice

Banded Coral Shrimp

Sally Lightfoot

Sally Lightfoot

Land Hermit Crab

Hermit Crab

Pacific Mole Crab
Giant Clam
Mountain Crab
Double-forked Plexaurella
Red Tube Worm
Common Egg Cockle
Banded Tulip Snail
Common West Indian Bubble

Flamingo Tongue


Common Worm Snail
Caribbean Reef Squid
Striated Bubble
Ivory Cerith
Apple Murex
Atlantic Strawberry Cockle
Tiger Lucine
Common Auger Snail
Long-spined Star Snail
Mossy Ark

Caribbean Mud Fiddler Crab


Mountain Crab, Panama (Species name not confirmed)

Spiny Lobster

Mangrove Tunicate
Four-Spotted Trivia
Red Tube Worm
Shield-backed Tulip Crab
Frilled Anenome






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