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August 6, 2012 | Discovery Land Company

Death at Yellowstone Club

Teenager dies at Discovery Land Company-managed property in Montana.

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August 10, 2010 | Discovery Land Company

Spanish Oaks Blog Discovered

As Discovery Land Company megadevelopment Spanish Oaks, based in Texas, spiralled towards foreclosure, a blog by residents of the community offer clues about Discovery Land Company and prospects for Bakers Bay. Read the Spanish Oaks blog here. It is a fascinating look at how residents see a Discovery Land property once the property is in trouble.

Here is a sample blog post from March 30, 2010.

You might wish to expand on these topics and prepare now to attend the annual meeting (as of this writing, unscheduled) which is perhaps the most important one we've had in our short life as Spanish Oaks. The more people who speak up, stand up and make their feelings known, the more force it will have. This is no time to be passive-aggressive.

It is said that the annual (2009!) meeting is being held off until they get their financial house in better order.

1- Are funds co-mingled from the golf club to the general project?

2- Why is there only about $5000 in the reserve fund for the project? (Note east side road deterioration.)

3- What is being done about the sorry state of our common areas: weeds, erosion to the 'paths,' the broken curbing, the mail area trash? What is the state of our common area landscaping contract?

4- How does the east end mail area get so trashy AND NO ONE IN MANAGEMENT notices until upset owners complain? How can we insure more pro activity?

5- Is it time to seriously talk about eliminating staffing both gates - at least overnight - to reduce expenses? (Speed passes and push button codes would allow entry.)

6- What plan does Discovery have to revitalize the project?

For new owners note: When Daniel Porter passed control to Discovery, we noted a different view of the 'plan' for the community and what appeared to be a relaxed set of design rules. IF THAT HAPPENS AGAIN, we can expect another set of changes. Will this affect us and how?

April 1, 2010 | Discovery Land Company

Battered Farallon Capital Management Plans Restructuring

According to the Wall Street Journal, Farallon Capital Management is planning a restructure.

Some are wondering whether this could impact Bakers Bay Club. According to sources, Farallon Capital Management has been a key investor in Discovery Land Company projects.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Farallon's assets have declined by 40%. This paragraph seems to indicate that Farallon may cut its real estate assets.

"Other changes could be coming. Farallon's real-estate holdings that declined in 2008 didn't bounce back in 2009 the same way the firm's credit holdings did. Farallon executives have talked about restructuring or selling about $2.5 billion in existing real-estate assets, among other options, a person close to the matter says."

We'll be sure to stay on top of this news and its potential impact on Bakers Bay.

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Link to WSJ Post

August 25 , 2006 | Discovery Land Company

McMansion Concern over Gozzer Ranch

I was not surprised to find that the Spokesman Review, the newspaper covering North Idaho, finds Discovery Land Company developments distasteful. For a year, Notes from the Road has argued that Discovery Land Company builds trashy mega-developments that do not fit in to the local environment or culture at all. This is especially true at Guana Cay, where the development's proposed style is so distasteful that it will irreparably harm the local tourism economy, which relies on idyllic qualities, natural beauty, and an old architecture steeped in history.

This is what the Spokesman Review says about the Bakers Bay Club sister project:


The resort – which seems ripped from the golf Mecca of Palm Desert and plunked in a former hayfield – caters to an average client that Chesrown describes as a 46-year-old incredibly wealthy workaholic with a big ego and passion for golf. This typical client owns numerous homes and is looking for a distant summer getaway the whole family savors. Some people compare these golf communities to a Disney World for adults but with family-friendly activities."

January 17, 2006 | Discovery Land Company

Cordevalle Golf Club in Violation
of 1996 Use Permit

Cordevalle Golf Club, also a white-trash Discovery Land Company project, was found in violation of their 1996 use permit. According to,

"The San Jose Mercury News identifies Farallon and developers Haas & Haynie as the principal partners of a luxury golf club in San Martin, Santa Clara County.[1] Once called “Lions Gate,” the development was opened as Cordevalle Golf Club and Resort in 1999.[2] 

In 2002, the Santa Clara County planning commission discovered that Cordevalle was in violation of its 1996 use permit. First, the commissioners contended, the golf course never honored its commitment to reserve 60% of the total rounds on an annual basis for public use.[3] Instead, it offered invitation-only individual memberships priced at $250,000. Second, it failed to carry out a host of environmental protections promised in 1996. The Planning Commission held a series of public hearings to determine whether to revoke or revise Cordevalle’s use permit. "

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