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How to Pack your Longboard Skateboard

I'm headed to the tropics, and I have been spending some time trying different ways to pack a longboard skateboard.

Packing a Longboard for an Airplane

On small islands, who needs a car, anyways? And wouldn't you rather be self-propelled than sit around in a golf cart? I found the solution at a sporting goods store. Longboard skateboards won't make it on as a carry-on, and at 44 inches or longer, longboards won't fit in even the most gigantic luggage. The solution? Find a kid's snowboard bag. I found a snowboard bag for $35, made by Burton and designed for smaller snowboards. I packed my clothes in Eagle Creek Pack-It cubes, and the longboard is nicely protected by those cubes.

Traveling by peddle, paddle, push or sail gives you momentum and thrill, while also letting you see the world you're traveling through in a much more intimate way. As the conversation about alternative transportation heats up around the world, I thought it'd be good to make this the year of exploring different ways to travel without an engine.

I will cover stories of slow travel in the regular Notes from the Road travel photography blog regions. But here, I'll write about the gear, the customs, what I learn, and the mistakes I learn from. I'll also try to feature blogs and websites that have been covering this topic much longer than I.