Packing a Carry-On

My Carry-on: Everything I pack

Travel bloggers love to impart advice about how to pack and how to travel light. But I've never found much use from packing tips columns..."roll your clothes"..."lay your clothes flat"..."roll your socks in your shoes", especially since each individual traveler's needs are so different. What I have always appreciated more is when travelers show each other what's inside their luggage, and explain why, like in this column about deep mountain preparation by talented Seattle photographer Kiliii.

I have my own packing system, and I thought I'd put together a graphic that shows every single item in my backpack, including all my toiletries, for a trip the West Indies.

I can get everything above to fit easily into an Eagle Creek carry-on and a Mountain Hardwear Hueco 34 daypack, which acts as my personal item on international flights.