Pack Your Lunch in your Daypack

Baguette in my daypack

I notice that hikers and traveling walkers don't always put much preparation into their daypack lunch. When I walk with others, this means that when lunch calls, we need to get off the trail or the mountain or divert our walk in some way. And lunch at a restaurant off-the-beaten path can be expensive.

Build the habit of packing your lunch into your pack. My favorite is a thin baguette with serrano ham and Cana de Oveja sheep's cheese from Spain. An apple always packs well into a pack. Add a container of raisins, blueberries, almonds or strawberries.

Five ingredients which take 5 minutes to shop for is easy and transforms your day. And there is nothing better than rewarding yourself with a long day of walking with the perfect meal. My best memories of hikes and long walks are sitting on a rock or a beach and unpacking a good lunch.