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Explore my Moleskine Travel Journals

My method of travel always involves the use of a Moleskine journal to organize my trip, remember important facts and sketch out ideas for photography and illustrations. Here are some pages from my Moleskine journals since 1999.

Instead of carrying around dozens of heavy guidebooks when I travel, I condense my useful information into a small size Moleskine travel journal.

I use Moleskine journals to organize all my travel ideas, travel plans, make notes, record my conversations, draw travel sketches, make notes on animal plants, and draw people and street scenes.

If you're interested in what materials I use to create my sketchbooks, I have an entry on building your own lightweight travel sketchbook toolbox.

What Kind of Pens Do I Use in My Sketch Journal?

I love the following liner pens, all of which I recommend:

  • Sakura Pigma Micron's, my trusty everyday liner pen.
  • Staedler Pigment Liner, which has great black ink and a nice pen feel.
  • Copic Multiliner, which have really fine, sharp tips.
Best Pens for Moleskine paper

Sakura Pigma Micron Pen

What Size Moleskine Journal Do I Use?

I use all sizes. Featured in the list above, I use large size Moleskine Sketch, classic size Moleskine Sketch as well as Large and classic watercolor notebooks.

Photo of Moleskine classic

Moleskine Classic Size Sketch Notebook

How Do I Carry my Watercolors Around the World?

I use this watercolor palette, which I write about in this post. The regular ivory paper in Moleskine journals is not ideal for watercolor, unless you paint in the 'dry' style, never letting the paper get too wet.

Watercolor Palette

Watercolor Palette, which I use with my Moleskine Travel Journal

Why Are My Sketches So Bad?

There is a lot of beautiful Moleskine art out there on the web. Check out Urban Sketchers or even MyMoleskine for amazing Moleskine art. These are my actual notes, which I use while I am traveling. These are quick sketches, drawings and notes, many of which I use to come up with a photograph or to quickly identify an animal.