Kauai Moleskine Journal

Journal sketches from the Hawaiian island of Kauai.

I used a large-sized Moleskine while traveling on the island of Kauai. I also swapped out my usual watercolor palette for a single ink: nut brown ink by Winsor-Newton. The nut brown ink comes in a small glass container, which fit nicely in a small pouch for pens and brushes. I experimented with gouache, watercolors and markers as well, but after I returned.

U'au Bird, Hawaii Tenor UkeHawaii Moleskine Journal Zebra Dove and other Birds, Kauai Moleskine Red Footy Booby Drawing, Sketch of Red Footed Booby Hawaiian Stilt Sketch Japanese White-eye Drawing Waimea Retail Kauai Leach's Storm Petrel and other sketeches from Kauai Fishes of Kauai Butterflyfish Kauai Illustrations