San Isidro, Ecuador
Moleskine Journal Notes

My Moleskine notebook from Ecuador's Eastern Slope of the Andes.

These days, I am seeing more folks typing away at some small device while they are traveling. I wonder if the habit takes away from them being in a place. The moleskine journal is about the size of a smart phone, and has none of the features. But every year I find it the best way to organize my travels for my travel photography blog, collect ticket stubs, pressed flowers and stamps, and make notes for my blog. On the Eastern Slopes of the Andes, there was quite a bit of rain, and so I found myself often perched under the awning, painting whatever I could see in the downpour.

Moleskine notes of birds

Ecuador Notes with parrot sketch

Ecuador Notes of Andes Mountains

Sketch of Frog in Ecuador

Sketch of beetle in Ecuador

Sketch of snake and eagle in Ecuador

Sketch of snake, leaves and bull frog

Sketch of Ecuador frog

Sketch of Andean Fox

Sketch of a Trogon in the Andes

Sketch of forest in the Andes

Moleskine Sketches

Moleskine Sketch of Toucan

Sketch of Moths in Ecuador