September 22, 2009 | whereabouts

El Valle de Anton Moleskine Journal

My Moleskine journal from El Valle de Anton in Panama.

El Valle Bird Species Notes

Orange-side Leaf Frog Sketch

El Valle Frog Sketch

El Valle Rainforest Sketch

Bay Hood Tanager Sketch
Man in El Valle Moleskine Sketch
El Valle Paintings

Birds of Panama Sketch

Scarlet-thighed Dacnis Sketch

El Valle Paintings

Sketch of long-tailed Damselfly

El Valle Paintings

Moleskine sketch of beautiful Panama plants

Sketch of Orange-bellied Trogan

Spider Orchid Sketch from Panama


I always compress everything for my trip into a single moleskine journal - itineraries, contacts, airplane tickets and so forth. I also add notes about the places I am going. The process, before and during travel, helps me learn about different subjects. I have already filled a couple journals about the country of Panama. When I visited to El Valle, I had a very specific purpose - to focus on the micro-world, and so this journal reflects that.